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The Solo Diver Certification Course offered at Aqua Adventures teaches experienced divers the procedures  [Equipment Requirements] for diving safe independent of a dive partner. The dive community realizes that many divers dive by themselves, but this in no way makes them a "solo diver". They're neither trained nor knowledgeable in the hazards to which they may be exposing themselves to. Our Solo Diver Course examines the benefits, hazards, and procedures for conducting solo dives. Completing this course empowers you with specific knowledge, enabling you to make a sound risk analysis when engaging in this type of diving.
This course also strengthens your buddy team skills by stressing dive planning, personal limitations, accident prevention as well [Equipment SDI Solo Diver]  as the benefits, potential hazards and proper procedures of diving solo. In the Solo Diver Course you will also learn the the additional equipment required for solo diving, and the proper configuration of that equipment. This course is ideally suited to underwater photography and underwater video divers.
The SDI Solo Diver Course is not suitable for every diver because divers must be willing to make the necessary commitment to train and equip themselves to manage the added risks that solo diving involves.
Why Solo Dive? Pros and Cons
Equipment Selection and Configuration
Solo Diving Dive Planning
Contingencies and Emergency Procedures
Importance of Good Solo Navigation
Required Dive Gear: 
Scuba Cylinder with Pony Bottle setup 19cf or bigger (for backup); or
Scuba Cylinder with H-Valve with Redundant Regulator; or
Twin Cylinder Setup with Isolation Manifold and Two Regulators;
Two Complete Regulators;
Depth Gauge and Automatic Bottom Timer (or Dive Computer);
Backup Depth Gauge and Automatic Bottom Timer (or Dive Computer);
Exposure suit
Lift Bag and Reel (minimum 25 lb. Lift Bag)
SMB and finger spool                                  
6 hrs Academics
200 Yard Surface Swim in Full Scuba Gear
A Minimum of Two (2) Open Water Dives
100 logged dives
Tuition: $250​Type your paragraph here.