The TDI INTRO TO TECH Course is the perfect course for divers who have heard about technical diving and want to find out more about this exciting branch of advanced recreational diving. This course walks students through the special techniques, planning procedures and skills that set technical diving apart from traditional sport diving. It will show you how to improve, dive planning methods, in-water skills and streamlining your gear configuration, in a non-threatening and fun learning environment. . The specific skills this course will highlight are: 

Demonstrate adequate buoyancy control (ability to hover at fixed position in water column without moving hands or feet)
Demonstrate adequate trim (ability to maintain horizontal during the descent, bottom and ascent portion of the dive)
Demonstrate no-silting propulsion techniques (frog kick, modified frog kick, modified flutter kick, backwards kick)
Demonstrate the ability to perform the following exercises while maintaining trim and buoyancy: Regulator exchange, Regulator recovery, Partial flooding of mask and Mask removal
Ability to perform a valve trim (if twinset is being used)
Ability to deploy SMB while maintaining trim and buoyancy
Show good situation awareness

TDI’s Intro to Tech course is a useful stand-alone course for the diver who wants to become a more skilled, more proficient diver regardless of if he intends to move on to technical diving. The course may also be used as an introduction to the TDI Advanced Nitrox course and the TDI Decompression Procedures course. And finally, it is also a good refresher for certified technical divers who may want to refresh their skills or have them re-evaluated by a TDI technical instructor. 
Three Openwater dives are required. 

Candidate Pre-Requisites:

Be a minimum age of 18 / 15 with parental consent.
Minimum certification of PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent
Show proof of 25 logged open water dives.

Equipment Requirements:

SMB & Reel and cutting tool
Underwater slate or notepad
Alternative second stage attached to a primary regulator or redundant scuba unit
Exposure suit adequate for the open water environment (dry suit recommended)
Depth gauge and automatic bottom timer and / or dive computer
Tuition: $250.00  Enrollment Forms:

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